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Friday, March 22, 2013

Chord Guitar Greenday - 21 Guns

Chord Guitar Greenday - 21 Guns

Chord Guitar Greenday - 21 Guns

 Chord Guitar Greenday - 21 Guns

Dipopulerkan Oleh : Greenday
Chord                    : Belajarguitarzone

Chord Diagram :
Dm    : xx0231        D5     : x577xx
A#     : 688766       A#5   : 688xxx
F        : 133211       F5      : 133xxx
C       : x32010        C5     : x355xx

Intro: Dm - A# - F - C (x2)

Dm       A#                          F          C
Do you Know what's worth Fighting For,
Dm          A#           F       C
When it's Not worth Dying For?
Dm      A#            F        C
Does it Take your Breath Away
             A#                       C
and you Feel yourself suffoCating?

Dm          A#            F          C
Does the Pain weigh Out the Pride?
Dm        A#             F           C
And you Look for a Place to Hide?
Dm         A#                     F      C
Did someOne break your Heart Inside?
A#         C5
You're in Ruins

F5   C5  D5
One, 21 Guns
C5                    A#5
Lay down your Arms
F5              C5
Give up the Fight
F5    C5  D5
One, 21 Guns
C5                   A#5  F5        C5
Throw up your Arms Into the Sky,
A#5      F5  C5
You and I

Dm                A#    F              C
When you're At the End of the Road
Dm         A#       F            C
And you Lost all Sense of Control
Dm          A#                  F                C
And your Thoughts have Taken their Toll
A#                                                          C
When your Mind breaks the spirit of your Soul

Dm   A#                  F          C
Your Faith walks on Broken Glass
Dm       A#           F           C
And the Hangover Doesn't Pass
Dm          A#   F         C
Nothing's Ever Built to Last
A#          C5
You're in Ruins.

Back to Chorus:

Dm       A#      F                 C
Did you Try to Live on your Own
Dm           A#                 F                    A
When you Burned down The house and Home?
Dm        A#           F                 A
Did you Stand too Close to the Fire?
A#m                          C
Like a liar looking for Forgiveness from a stone

F5 - C5 - D5 - C5 - A#5 - F5 - C5 (x2)

A#5 - F5 - E5
Dm - A# - F - C (x2)

Dm          A#       F                C
When it's Time to Live and let Die
Dm         A#         F           C
And you Can't get Another Try
Dm           A#           F              C
Something Inside this Heart has Died
A#         C5
You're in Ruins.


Chord Guitar Greenday - 21 Guns

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